From: Paul L Daniels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Hello everyone,
>       This is my first ever "GIMP" related programming project.
>       I've written a stand-alone converter for Adobe Illustrator palette 
> files (.ai) 
>       to GIMP palette files.

Hi Paul,

  Thanks for the contribution.  Probably the best way to keep this
from getting lost would be to file an enhancement request in Bugzilla
and attach your code to it.

  The ideal thing would be to incorporate the code into GIMP itself
by working it into app/core/gimppalette-import.c, which is the code
that detects and loads palette files in several formats.  If you don't
feel like doing this, somebody else might be able to, so long as
your license is compatible with code being extracted and inserted into
a GPL-licensed program -- it does not look to me like that's the
case right now, but I may be wrong.

  Best wishes,

  -- Bill

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