>I am trying to add some features as a plug-in. As a starting point I  
>simply cloned deinterlace.c renamed everything containing "deinterlace".  
>So I have a compilable unit with MAIN() query et al.
>I reran on gimp then  make && make install

The in plug-ins/common is actually autogenerated,
so if you add a plug-in there, you have to do something a bit
special -- you have to edit the file


It is slightly cryptic but you will probably be able to
figure out how to do it.

Note that it's generally easier to build a personal plug-in
by putting the code outside the gimp source, and using the
command "gimptool-2.0 --install foo.c".  In many cases the only
thing you need to change in the source is the line that
initializes internationalization, which you can just remove.

  -- Bill

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