Sven Neumann said:
> We can't (and shouldn't) stop her from
expressing her opinion (or however you want to call it), but we should
make sure that her words don't appear as being in any way official. If
this means that we all need to stop using our gimp.org email addresses,
then we should consider to do this. Or we need to find a different

<cheeky>We could rename the GIMP to something else like GNU masterstroke (note: not a suggestion, we should make sure the .com, .net & .org domains are available), change the domain of all the official websites, and implement a decent code of conduct for <domain>.org usage, with an accountable group of community members maintaining the domain.</cheeky>

That way, gimp.org would become an irrelevant historical artifact. And one of the most common complaints from our American users (for whom the GIMP means more than just a chatracter in Pulp Fiction) goes away in the process.


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