On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 07:31:56PM +0200, Sven Neumann wrote:
> I am not really willing to ignore this issue any longer. I have had
> several reports from people who received mails from [EMAIL PROTECTED] that
> can be described as very irritating, to say the least. I think that we
> can not any longer ignore this problem. I have asked Carol multiple
> times to stop sending such mails, or at least not to use the gimp.org
> mail alias for it. She has ignored these requests and did it again. What
> do you suggest that we do?
i am curious if this mail actually came from me.

i had a bad time in my life.  really really really bad.  that being
said, i can be expected to be as patient with people who might be having
a similar bad time.  being let down by people you tried to be friends
with is a horrible thing.  i can thank my newer california 'friends' for
this new understanding of how this world works and my ability to
overlook it.  

right now, the mail i send is to gimp lists and also to old friends and

there is a huge group of users on the old wilber computer.  i can
provide a list of these people.  i am willing to guess that anyone of
them would be more capable than me of hacking the mail server there.

i find it additionally interesting the people who are new to gimp who
have user space there.  i was under the impression that wilbers space
was very limited and indeed, there is not the space there for gtk to put
their tarballs and the new computer sits dead here.

can you share the complaint mail with me?  i believe that i am fully
capable of being able to determine what mail i authored and what mail i
did not author.  i even think that it would be useful to look at how the
security of the berkeley host is.  if you are unable to do this, can 
you shut up please?

it would be interesting to see if the complaints are about mail i sent.

i totally admit that i am not very happy sharing the same computers with
so many screened users.  'neo' being one of them.

and here is an honest question about how the user space is being
allocated on both wilber and ircd.  karine has space on both computers,
where apparently, i have space on wilber but only symbolically on ircd.

i have pulled down my web stuff repeatedly because of the perception i
have that we work together.  i did this for akkana and i also did and do
this for karine.  i left gimp-web development because karine spent so
much time working on it and for it.

it is karine being edhel online and in bugzilla and in the changelog, am
i correct on this?  perhaps we should all go through everything that
people have a problem and claim what they actually did and did not do
and be willing to be responsible for it.

everyone who is unwilling to do this should leave.  if i should be sorry
that i did not aggressively take what was mine -- i don't actually have
a language to be that way.  i did not have the language to enable me to
keep what was mine before i became involved.

i do not like authoring my email directly from wilber like this.  i do
like my decision to wait until i/me, my physical body which is totally,
typically and predictably human to be in my home with my own internet
connection which i pay for from whatever living i can make in this
horrible and broken world.

i find it interesting how trying to work with karine and akkana doesn't
help much.

i will also find it interesting when i can read the complaints you are
getting to see if it is about something i have done or written.

thanks for all of the concern,


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