Hi Sven,

Sven Neumann a écrit :
That was probably the most stupid direction that you could have steered
this discussion into. Thanks for ruining an effort to actually discuss a
problem that we seem unable to deal with.

Right - because otherwise we would surely have dealt with the problem.

As long as yosh defends carol's use of the gimp.org email address, and refuses to answer any mails asking him to remove that address, then all we're doing by talking about it is wasting everyone's time.

I sent a mail last week publicly asking for yosh to talk about his policies for gimp.org domains and email addresses, and he hasn't answered. We have both publicly asked for carol's email address to be removed. What do you think will change the situation?

If yosh is the blockage, then we need to convince yosh to remove carol's gimp.org email address, or route around him. If routing around him means changing name & domain name, why shouldn't that be brought up as a possibility? The other way to route around him is to move the domain somewhere else, and have our mailing lists hosted somewhere where the archives work. But that would need the domain owner (yosh) to make the change, and that's not going to happen soon.

I'm open to suggestions if you have any other ideas.


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