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I don't get where the expectation that postings from gimp.org addresses
should be considered as anything but the individual _expression_ of the
author. Expecting a volunteer organization to have a rigid public face
is ridiculous.

When I initially joined the list several years ago I was disappointed in the attitude of one/some "gimp.org" posters because I  thought they were in some way associated with the project. There was too much noise and disrespect so I left the list because of it (but have since re-joined).

Personally I don't think it is an unreasonable expectation that someone with a gimp.org email is associated with the project. It may be ridiculous to expect a "rigid" public face, but I think the public should expect the project to have a respectable face.

Can we please stop cluttering the development mailing list with this

The project has a problem. Several people have pointed out the problem. Although not explicitly stated, I would think the purpose of the developer list is to discuss project issues.

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