On Sun, 2006-10-01 at 07:23 -0700, Saul Goode wrote:

> To a large extent, all operations in the Layers menu do not honor
> selections. The notable exceptions are:
> Transparency->Color To Alpha
> Transparency->Semi-flatten
> Transparency->Threshold Alpha
> Transform->Arbitrary Rotate

These are plug-ins (color2alpha, semiflatten, threshold_alpha) or tools
(Rotate tool). Plug-ins automatically honor the selection, they can't
modify unselected pixels, Arbitrary Rotation is just a shortcut for
switching to the Rotate tool.

> 5) Restore the option to use the space bar to move the current layer
> without any dialog being presented. This could readily be implemented by
> executing the Move Tool in the "ignore selection" mode.

The space bar feature is still present (as an option) and it has always
been implemented by switching to the Move tool temporarily.


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