I would like to let you give you some update on the OpenUsability
sponsored student project that we announced in August. Here's the
announcement again in case you lost the URL:

During the application period that lasted until the 10th of September we
have received a number of applications from all over the world. Fourteen
people applied for the position, coming from Europe, USA, Russia and
India. Peter has lead the selection process and describes this effort in
his blog: 

In the end, Kamila Giedrojć was chosen and she has since then worked
with Peter on the project. The next step is to create a number of
representative usage scenarios. For this purpose we have arranged a
small meeting (9 persons) next weekend in Essen, Germany. There, Kamila
and Peter will get the chance to talk to people involved in GIMP user
support and meet authors of the GIMP user manual as well as GIMP
developers. We will compensate for the room and travel costs from the
money that GIMP has collected from donations.

Will try to keep you uptodate on the proceedings, but don't expect much
before the weekend. Still no connectivity in my new appartment...

BTW, since Dave has retired from his job as the GIMP treasurer, we
should seek for someone to fill in this position. Currently I am doing
this job, but I would prefer if someone else could take over. The job
involves thanking people who donate money, updating our sponsors page
from time to time and of course keeping contact to the GNOME foundation
who is holding the GIMP money for us.


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