slowly but steadily the state of GIMP 2.3 is reaching a point where it
can be released as 2.4. I would like to point out some showstoppers in
the hope that we can get some help with them. There is also the list of
bugs on the 2.4 milestone in Bugzilla and this mail somewhat overlaps
with that. But it also mentions a few things that are not in Bugzilla
(but probably should be).

Here's a small list of outstanding items for GIMP 2.4, from the top of
my head, incomplete and subject to discussion:

Finish rectangle tools

The rewritten rectangle tools (rect and ellipse select as well as crop)
are getting better, but there are still some regressions (mainly in the
Crop tool, see Bugzilla) and the tool options still need an overhaul.
Would be nice if we could come up with a decent tool options UI
proposal, then implement it.

Finish color management

Main feature missing here is giving the display filters access to the
image's color profile. As soon as that is implemented, we should have a
prepress professional review the functionality. I would also like to
further improve the color management preferences. In this case it seems
like a good idea to try to get something that resembles the Photoshop
color management configuration in terms of terminology and policies.

Finish healing brush

The healing brush is a really nice feature but it was never completed.
Currently it somewhat works, but only if you use it as a stamp, not if
you paint with it. That behaviour is so vastly different from all other
painting tools, I don't think we want to ship this with 2.4 unless it
gets changed. The change shouldn't be too difficult, I hope. Instead of
processing the pixels directly, the tool should act like the Clone tool
until you release the mouse button. Then it should process the painted
area and do the healing magic. In order to get this implemented, it may
be necessary to look into optimizing the healing algorithm. Would be
nice to get a small benchmark for it. Even better if the benchmark also
acted as a regression test.


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