Sven Neumann writes:
> > > > That brings up another showstopper for 2.4 that is missing from the list
> > > > I posted earlier. We need to check if the new print plug-in is ready for
> > > > release. Since I don't use GTK+ 2.10 yet, I didn't get a chance to have
> > > > a look at it yet.
[ ... ]
> > It should at least do the basic things right. In other words, print a
> > single image, allowing the user to specify the size and location on
> > paper. Should probably default to the original size (determined by the
> > image resolution) if that fits to the printable area. Otherwise it
> > should scale the image down while preserving the aspect ratio.
> > 
> > For this plug-in I think we should focus on keeping it simple. Enough to
> > fulfill basic printing needs but still usable without reading a manual.
> > People who need more control can always install the gutenprint plug-in. 
> Has anyone done this evaluation? If not, can someone please volunteer to
> do it? We need to find out if we can we ship the plug-in as is or if
> there are issues that need to be addressed before 2.4.

I just upgraded to a distro that has gtk 2.10, so I can do
the evaluation -- though for my own use I'm fairly happy with

I just tried the print plug-in in current CVS. This is the first time
I've actually seen it, and I'm happy to see that there's a gnomeprint
dialog now that lets me set printer parameters. But I found quite a
few problems, and ultimately wasn't able to print anything with it:

- Bug: the Layout tab comes up with a unit of Inches, but Width and
  Height which are the pixel dimensions of the image. I hate to
  think what it would do if I let it print at 1160 inches wide.

- The Layout tab is really difficult to use compared to gimp-print,
  because it has no live preview. I have to click on the Page Setup
  button (why isn't that right in the Layout tab?) then try to guess
  what it means by Portrait, Reverse Landscape, etc. and what it
  will do for margins (does it always center, or what?)

- Minor Bug: the Page Setup dialog came up with the wrong paper size
  (A4 vs. my system default of Letter).

- UI issue: there's a Page Setup tab, plus a Page Setup button in
  the Layout tab which has a completely different function.
  Shouldn't one of these be renamed? (Moving the Page Setup button/
  dialog options into the Layout tab and eliminating the dialog
  would solve this.)

- There doesn't seem to be any way to position an image on the page,
  so this dialog doesn't replace gimp-print for functions like
  printing out my holiday cards, where I have to print to the
  lower half of a page which will then be folded over.

- When I try to change the Width in inches to 4, as soon as I
  leave the Width field it reverts to the old value of pixel width.
  So I can't actually try printing anything to check the quality.

- When I click Print Preview, the dialog disappears and I get a
  GIMP Message dialog with a nice clear error message:
    Procedure 'gimp-image-set-unit' has been called with value
    'pixels' for argument 'unit' (#2, type GimpUnit).
    This value is out of range.

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