On Wed, 2006-11-15 at 11:02 -0800, Hal V. Engel wrote:

> Also some time ago I put together a fairly detailed description of what was 
> needed and where this should be located in the GIMP menu structure that I 
> submitted to this list.  There have been similar proposals from others as 
> well.  For the most part these are similar to photoshop's implementation.  

Yes, I based quite some design decisions on these proposals.

> With the exception of printer CM support there is not that much work that 
> needs to be done to GIMP to finish off the CM implementation.  

Printing is left to plug-ins, so we don't need to deal with it except
for providing ways for the plug-in to access the color management
settings and the color profile that is attached to the image. Both is
implemented already.

What's left for implementation is color managed display, but there's
just a small step missing there. We should perhaps also try to add the
separate plug-in to the GIMP tree or provide similar functionality.

If we can get this implemented correctly and make sure that the defaults
are well chosen and that basic color managed workflows are supported, we
can IMO release 2.4 with this. After the release we will have time to
improve things further.

> One area were many on the OpenICC list agree is that the 
> photoshop/proprietary 
> OS approach to CM could be substantially improved in the area of printing.  
> My GIMP proposal did not deal with color managed printing since my vision for 
> how this should be handled would require significant changes to the 
> gimp-print/guten-print plugin that I think are beyond the scope of 2.3/2.4 
> and are in fact significantly different from how this is handled in 
> photoshop.

The gimp-print/guten-print plug-in is developed by different people and
is not at all coupled to the GIMP release cycles. We should however
consider to make the print plug-in that's being shipped with GIMP aware
of the image's color profile.

That brings up another showstopper for 2.4 that is missing from the list
I posted earlier. We need to check if the new print plug-in is ready for
release. Since I don't use GTK+ 2.10 yet, I didn't get a chance to have
a look at it yet.


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