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> I had gimp-cvs installed in /opt/gimp and wanted to use gimp-2.2 to print  
> some photos. I was getting errors starting gimp-2.2 so I ran make install  
> on gimp-cvs but 2.2. failed to start thowing up half a dozen errors.

gimp-2.2 is picking up the libraries from gimp-2.3. That is exactly why
the release notes ask you to install into a separate prefix which is not
in your library search path. Just make sure that 2.2 isn't started with
a library search path that includes the location where you installed

> The cause is pretty clear but why is it using the gimprc in .gimp-2.3 ?!  
> There is alsa a .gimp-2.2 for this user but it taking a directory  
> specifically named as another version.

Because the version number is in the library. You also would want your
plug-ins to use ~/.gimp-2.3 when you are running gimp-2.3. Even plug-ins
that were compiled against an older version of the gimp libraries.


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