Hi there,

I've been experimenting with GIMP plug-ins. At present, I'm following 
the tutorial's example:- 

My question is this; "How can I use GimpDrawable-functions on a preview 
window without modifying the original image?"

To clarify:-
In the example, blur() is passed a Drawable (from the main image 
itself), and uses it to make an "input" GimpPixelRgn (rgn_in). The raw 
pixel info from rgn_in is then processed and written as more raw pixels, 
to a different GimpPixelRgn, rgn_out.

Rgn_out forms the basis of the preview:
gimp_drawable_preview_draw_region (GIMP_DRAWABLE_PREVIEW (preview), 

However, I want to annotate the PREVIEW (*without* modifying the 
original image's drawable) using gimp_pencil(). That requires a 
GimpDrawable, but rgn_out- i.e. the processed pixels which are used to 
create the preview's contents- is in GimpPixelRgn format. How do I draw 
on the output window?

Getting the Drawable associated with the preview widget via
simply returns the main image's drawable, which we already have. Drawing 
to this (a) messes up the *original* image, and (b) has no effect on the 
preview (since that is taken from the processed rgn_out data).

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


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