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> That's exactly right; I realise that my original question got bogged down 
> with specifics- sorry.
> Put simply, I want to use the high-level Drawable functions to draw a line or 
> arrow on the preview window. The tutorial example only uses the pixel-level 
> functions. It's not clear how- or if- I can use (e.g.) gimp_pencil() and 
> friends.
> :If that is true, then you definitely don't want to use
> :gimp_pencil() or similar functions.
> Umm... that's *exactly* what I wanted to do.
> But from your reply I guess that (a) it's not possible, or (b) it's a bad 
> idea...?

Anything is possible and there are often multiple ways to achieve one's
aim. That's also the case here. But unless you give us some details
about the plug-in you are writing, I can't tell which way would be best
in your case. And I am not going to waste my time explaining all of


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