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> > Lets try another description:
> > Drawing zones would be like 2 or more non-overlapping selections 
> > that are active at the same time. Which one is applied to a drawing  
> > operation is determined by where the mouse/pen-down happens.
> If the only difference is whether a mouse-click is used on the canvas or
> a keystroke/menu/widget action is used to invert the selection, I
> suspect you shall have a difficult time convincing the GIMP developers
> to add your concept of a "drawing zone" to the core and have it honored
> by all the paint tools. 

No. First it's important that it's not an additional mouse-click. 
Not even a click, just where the button/pen-down happens if you 
start to draw.

If you work 10 hours + on an image, every click more or less counts. 
Especialy not having to think about any other operation but drawing 
is a big one.

Then it's not simply inversion, as there could be more than 2 

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