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Some weeks ago, i've involved on Irc to do a kind of Gimp brochure to
show new functionnalities, one in the style i already made for Scribus
or Inkscape. You can get it at

I reached the step where it needs some proofing :
- my english is not perfect at all ;)
- may be some things should be changed
- may be some things should be added

All the comments are welcome.

Okay, here are my corrections:

"EXIF ans XMP support" ans->and
"EXIF metadata are used by many cameras to sum up its settings" ->
"EXIF metadata is used by many cameras to describe the settings a picture
was taken with" -- perhaps a little long. just the 'are->is'  replacement
would be good then

'makes it a realty' -> 'make it a reality'

'Gimp's plug-ins are no more organized due' more->longer
'in the same time' -> 'at the same time'

The Heal tool preview is not a preview of the heal tool, just a copy of the
perspective clone images.

'extract object from a background' -> 'extract an object from a picture'
'older Gimp's release' -> 'older Gimp releases'

I enjoy the use of the word 'graphists'. It is not an English word though.
English might say 'graphic artists'.
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