On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 11:32:03AM +0200, Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:

> Currently scalable brush can be scaled with [ ] by default, what is very 
> fine. Could a mouse scroll wheel + some key modifier be used to act the 
> same as [ ] buttons?

I couldn't find it in the shortcut editor (maybe I overlooked it).
It should be listed there, right?

> I'm a right-handed person, so when I retouch a photo most of my actions 
> are connected with mouse movements and some left hand actions: Ctr+H, 
> Ctrl+C, Ctrl+wheel, Shift+wheel, Space. Rather often brush needs to be 
> scaled, so I have to left mouse and press [ or ] several times. The left 
> side of the keyboard is mostly taken with shotcuts.
> I suggest adding Alt + wheel to act like [ ] for brush scaling. It could 
> be very convenient to a user not to leave a mouse for keyboard and due 
> the wheel is very well controllable and intuitive for scaling purposes.

Hmm, Alt + wheel is mapped to opacity.
Ctrl + wheel zooms.
Shift + wheel scrolls sideways.

While I prefer + and - for zooming, I guess some people would 
complain if ctrl + wheel got remapped.

Preferences -> Input Controlers allows to map mouse wheel events 
to actions, but I don't see actions for changing brush size.

Ctrl + Alt + wheel cycles through gradients.
Shift + Alt + whell cycles through patterns.
Shift + Ctrl + wheel cycles through brushes.

I think the last 3 are quite odd, but 2 keys plus wheel isn't  
exactly comfortable anyway, so I guess you wouldn't want an often 
used feature there.

Thorsten Wilms

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