I've been using kdevelop for a while when working on gimp just using it as  
a syntax aware MDI editor.

Last night I finally managed to get full IDE debugging working on gimp.  
That means full GUI IDE with step, trace and variable evaluation on the  

If anyone wants to see what it looks like in action here's screen shot of  
2.3 stopped at a breakpoint taken by gimp 2.2


Now I'm sure all the hardcore gimpers are going to pooh-pooh this because  
they know the code base by heart and real men emacs anyway!

For us lesser mortals this could represent a huge productivity gain. If  
I'd have sussed this six months ago I'd have saved a huge ammount of time.  
Ever since moving to Linux I've been frustrated by the lack of something  
like the Borland IDE that I'd used for years on windoze.

kdevelop has definately come of age now. I was able to import gimp into  
kdev with a couple of clicks.

I grabbed a fresh gimp cvs tree and just did Project Import in kdev. There  
were a couple of caveats to get it to compile with a different --prefix  
and with -O0 -g instead of the standard -O2 so I got variable debugging.

This was pretty trivial but not obvious at first since gimp uses autotools  
in a non-standard way.

If anyone's interested I can post a couple of tips.

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