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> Hey,
> I have read on this page  
> http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-developer/2007-January/017072.html  
> that you have managed to integrate IDE debugging for Gimp into kdevelop.  
> I am trying to do
> this but I'm not sure what to do. Do you have any tips about how to get  
> this working?


AFAICR the starting point is to import the project into KDEV as a Gnome  
make project. This basically goes remarkably well but you have to make  
sure it is set up in the top level directory as default and not build in  
the debug subdir as it will do by default.

You can do all this afterwards if you miss it during the import stage.

The other caveat is some difference of opinion between kdev and gimp-dev  
as to the correct way to use automake. You will want to run command line  
./configure with all your options like prefix etc as you would for gimp  
source build. Kdev keeps saying things are out of date and wants to run  
"automake and freinds". Just say no o'w you need to rerun configure.

I ended up setting this in my bash init script to save typing it all in  
every day. I can't recall if this let me do more of it automatically from  
kdev. Change the contents to fit your build requirements.

# for kdev and gimp
export AUTOGEN_CONFIGURE_ARGS="--prefix=/opt/gimp --enable-debug=full  

Once you have configured and built it once you can use kdev to build again  
after making changes to the source and you should have full IDE debugging  
with variable eval etc.

I think both -g or -g3 will produce correct output for gdb on which kdev  
relies don't try -O2 or else your code stepping in the source will be  
completely out of sync due obscur compiler optimisations, make sure you  
have gdb-6.6 and kdevelop-3.4

It was quite impressive once I got it working. Some old hacks seem quite  
happy printing out variable values from cli gdb commands but I started  
debugging using Borland IDEs with Turbo Pascal in 1984 anything else seems  
like hard work now.

Hope that gets you started.



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