Whenever I save an image as JPG, I have to move both the 
Save_Image and the Save_as_JPEG dialog out of the way 
to check the preview.

I think the Save_Image dialog should just disappear 
after use, as both Cancel and Help are available on 
the second dialog and what else would it be good for?

Then the Save_as_JPEG controls could appear on the image 
window (inspired by the Firefox find bar) to further cut 
down on window juggling.

There's quite a number of ways it could be organized, my 
mockup shows just one:


Advanced options hide 'under' the expander. There could 
be a button to bring them up in a dialog instead.

File size can be read in the statusbar.

I moved the buttons down there as it's the standard 
location in dialogs and to take the place of the 
progress Cancel button. Mouse-miles could be less
with the buttons in the new toolbar. They would 
also be less likely to cause an expectation of 
closing the window up there.


Thorsten Wilms

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