Thorsten Wilms wrote:

>> If we try to do an all in one, then the result has to
>> look and feel like a dialog, not like a main window,
>> because of the modal nature (finish this first) of the task.
> But this would not be like your common dialog that disappears
> after Cancel/OK, but rather a window that changes state.

I have nothing against the idea of reusing the main window,
but as said, because the task is modal by nature, the UI
UI has to reflect that with dialogness. It is simply a UI
law of nature.

That means big changes to the main window, as quoted right below:.

>> It is difficult for me to say whether sawing off more main
>> window bits (no menu bar, tools, palettes, inspectors or rulers;
>> default to magnification tool) and adding more dialog-ness
>> (get buttons out of the status bar) to what you have drawn,
>> or start from scratch on a BIG-preview dialog would be the
>> better way to go.
> I thought about removing at least the menubar but decided
> against it, as you can still zoom, toggle guides ...
> Might be better to not allow access to editing options, though.

Toggle guides? There is only one thing to do, and that is set
the size vs. apparent quality ratio (with the advanced saving
options, I know).

The zoom is taken care of with the zoom tool and
the controls in the status bar.

>>> File size can be read in the statusbar.
>> Better keep the quality slider and file size (main cause
>> and effect) physically together.
> I wanted to, at first. Then moved it to save width
> for small images.

If windows re sized for the menu bar to fit in
(quite natural except on the mac) then I am sure
we can get the quality slider and the calculated
file size in.

> BTW, some apps have web export dialogs with side by side
> panes original/compressed. I found toggling between
> original/preview in the same view to be superior if
> you want to spot JPG artifacts. It's important it can
> happen with a single click.

Yep, well observed...


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