Thorsten Wilms wrote:

> I think the Save_Image dialog should just disappear
> after use, as both Cancel and Help are available on
> the second dialog and what else would it be good for?

Yeah it can go. It would only make sense if a Cancel on
the jpeg options would get you back to the Save_Image dialog,
in case you see that the jpeg compression is not appropriate,
you change your mind and go back for png or so...

> Then the Save_as_JPEG controls could appear on the image
> window (inspired by the Firefox find bar) to further cut
> down on window juggling.
> There's quite a number of ways it could be organized, my
> mockup shows just one:
> save_as_jpg_integrated_01.jpg

I just had a quick look. Later in the expert evaluation we
will get to the save for web scenarios and I will be in
a better position to deal with this. But for now:

If we try to do an all in one, then the result has to
look and feel like a dialog, not like a main window,
because of the modal nature (finish this first) of the task.

It is difficult for me to say whether sawing off more main
window bits (no menu bar, tools, palettes, inspectors or rulers;
default to magnification tool) and adding more dialog-ness
(get buttons out of the status bar) to what you have drawn,
or start from scratch on a BIG-preview dialog would be the
better way to go.

> Advanced options hide 'under' the expander. There could
> be a button to bring them up in a dialog instead.

My gut feeling says that there is a better solution available
here, but I am only able to work on that after the expert evaluation.

> File size can be read in the statusbar.

Better keep the quality slider and file size (main cause
and effect) physically together.


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