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> Hi all!
> I'm trying to load the following script using gimp-2.3.14-2mdv2007.1:
> http://www.shlomifish.org/Files/files/code/gimp/fierysteel.scm
> ...snipped...
> 1. Tell me what's wrong with the script.
> 2. Fix script-fu or tiny-fu so it will give a more descriptive error in that
> case.

1. That error would seem to be caused by the character encoding of the  
word, "ÄKSÖN". Particularly, the "Ö". I would recommend removing the  
word (as well as the word, "Äydx"; though that doesn't seem to cause  

There would seem to be a few other updates needed to make the script  
function. First, the following variables need to be reserved in the  
initial 'let*' statement:


The 'verbose' function call should be commented out. (Perhaps Kevin  
Cozens should consider adding it to the list compatibility functions?  
even as a 'no op')

Finally, the two 'plug-in-displace' function calls need to have their  
last argument ("CARTESIAN") removed.

Even with the above changes, the script does not seem to produce the  
intended result; but it will execute.

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