Shlomi Fish wrote:
> I'm trying to load the following script using gimp-2.3.14-2mdv2007.1:
> However, I'm getting the following errors on STDERR:
> Error: unmatched parentheses: 1
> Now, the script looks fine too me, and the error is not descriptive enough 
> for 
> me to tell where the problem is exactly. Thus, two things are in order:

> 1. Tell me what's wrong with the script.

The script contains three accented characters that do not appear to be valid 
UTF-8 coded characters. Since they appear inside a comment block they 
shouldn't be the cause of the problem.

I think the issue might be related to a comment line right before a close 
parenthesis. I've seen that happen before but thought it was fixed in one of 
the TinyScheme updates. I suspect the root of the problem is due to token() 
calling itself when it gets to the end of a comment line. I plan to eliminate 
the recursive use of token() and see if the problem goes away (assuming I can 
reproduce the problem to start with).

> 2. Fix script-fu or tiny-fu so it will give a more descriptive error in that 
> case.

If my proposed fix for 1. (above) fixes the problem, you won't see this error 
except when you really do have a mismatch in the number of ( and ) in a script.


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