On Sunday 11 March 2007 20:54, D. Stimits wrote:
> I have not found any python-fu way to "close" a file, or to reclaim
> memory after creating an image or layer. Is there such a thing? Is
> there instead some sort of garbage collection?
> Speculating about why it claimed it was out of memory, I'm
> wondering if the hard drive simply was too slow responding. It's a
> laptop, running with core duo, entirely in ram. The drive is thus
> much slower than the ability to consume ram. How does gimp
> determine that there is no space left on the device...is it a
> timeout in addition to other means?

The normal python way would be to set the object for destruction after 
it is no longer used.

However, it may well be possible that the GIMP bindings to python are 
not deleting GIMP images creted from within python, as it should be 

I had, myself,  never thought of using a script o create so many 

As you rerro r mesage is "no space left on device" - please try to 
cehck gimp preferences for tmp dirs, maybe it is using another 
partition that might be getting filled.

The increaseof RAM usage for itself however shows there is something 
wrong going on - could you please fill a bug report about this at
bugzilla.gnome.org ? 

If possible, please attach a minimalistic version of your script taht 
would trigger the problem.

Thank you,

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