> [...] The thing I did not 
>expect was that it had well over a gig of ram left unused, no swap used, 
>30 gig of unused drive, and it still thought the hard drive was full. 
> [...]

It might help if I explain a little more about how GIMP handles
memory.  GIMP does not rely on the operating system for swapping.
When you start GIMP, it creates a file, of fixed size which you
designate in the Preferences, to serve as a swap area.  You also
tell GIMP, in the Preferences, how much RAM it is allowed to use.
If GIMP needs more memory, it moves some of its data from RAM
into the swap file.

What is happening to you is that the swap file is filling up,
because data is accumulating there that ought to be cleared
away.  You could delay the failure by increasing the size of
the swap file (called the "tile cache") in Preferences, but
really, in the work flow you described, it ought not to be
filling up, so there is a bug either in your code or in GIMP --
and as I said earlier, I think there is probably a bug in

(I am not 100% certain that I got all the details right here.
Presumably Sven or Mitch will correct any mis-statement.)

  -- Bill

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