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> Speculating about why it claimed it was out of memory, I'm wondering if
> the hard drive simply was too slow responding. It's a laptop, running
> with core duo, entirely in ram. The drive is thus much slower than the
> ability to consume ram. How does gimp determine that there is no space
> left on the device...is it a timeout in addition to other means?

I saw something a little like this recently. I cant document it thoroughly  
but here's a resumé in case it's related.

I tried to open about eight multi-megabyte jpeg images in one open  
operation not wanting to go through the labourious open dialogue eight  
times and not noticing quite how big they were. I was half expecting some  
error after a few were opened but expected error trapping to handle it  

What I ended up with was a completely unstable mess which I had to clean  
up with xkill , restart the xserver and a bit of ps and kill to clean up  
the residue.

Now this could be regarded as extreme conditions and represents a good  
stress test. It seems running out of RAM and/or swap is not properly error  

I just throw this info in in case it relates the this script issue posted.

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