Hi, i have a friend who's just migrating off windows and is currently
running Ubuntu which he's generally happy with.

He complained about "save for web" functionality missing from the stock
GIMP and had some good points on why it's needed, i found the
save-for-web plugin through Linux for Designers blog
( http://my.opera.com/area42/blog/ ).

While he thought it was an improvement he was still not quite happy
with it and he wrote some feedback for it, some of which should be easy
to fix.

I'm currently trying to get him involved in various GNOME/FLOSS things
as he's extremley good at usability and graphics and any help to scratch
his itches would be appreciated.

Here's his feedback to the save-for-web plugin:

> I have tried the Save for web Gimp plugin. What it offered in features
> are these: 
> General: 
> * Side by side comparison of original image vs. optimized version.
> However, when the optimized version refreshes when settings are
> changed it goes blank until the new preview has been rendered and file
> size been calculated. This is very bad for me because I can not keep
> track of small changes when trying to, say, optimize a GIF for the web
> and decide the lowest amount of colours that will suffice. 
> * Resize; this works well, but could be useful if other measurement
> than px could be used (using Save for web for other media than the web
> is nice too.) 
> * Cropping; Works very nicely. the cropped out area is a little too
> dark for my taste -- perhaps this can be changed in the Gimp settings 
> Formats: 
> * GIF; same as the Image > Mode > Indexed... dialogue features except
> for the Custom pallet option which Save for web does not have. It does
> have live previewing though, but the update problem makes it much less
> useful for me. 
> * JPEG; Offers even less options than Gimps standard JPEG optimizer,
> which also has live previewing and without the update issue! 
> * PNG-8; Same as GIF, but with a compression option (why?) 
> * PNG-24; Interlaced on/off option and a compression setting only.
> Compression is only offered in 10 levels. 
> So this plug-in has a long way to go before it can match Photoshops
> (or rather ImageReadys actually) Save for web feature. 
> This is a real show stopper for me, as I mostly create for the web and
> I just can't go without the level of control that Save for web offers
> me. 
> So unless there is a separate application for linux that I can give me
> this control after developing the lossless image in Gimp, Gimp will
> just have to wait, unfortunately. 
> Will still keep and eye out for linux tools and Gimp, so hopefully
> things will turn for the good is not a too distant future.

This is taken from his original post here:

He's not subscribed so if you can either post to the forum and the mailing list 
or i'll direct him to any replies on the archive.


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