On 3/16/07, Morgan Christiansson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi, i have a friend who's just migrating off windows and is currently
> running Ubuntu which he's generally happy with.
> He complained about "save for web" functionality missing from the stock
> GIMP and had some good points on why it's needed, i found the
> save-for-web plugin through Linux for Designers blog
> ( http://my.opera.com/area42/blog/ ).

I personally don't see much use for a "save for web" plugin.  Any
functionality that it would have should already exist in other save
dialogs, or be added if they are currently unimplemented.  A save
meta-dialog that can compare multiple formats (gif vs jpeg vs png) is
a plausible addition, but theres no reason to restrict it to
web-friendly options, or to duplicate functionality that already
exists in the format-specific plugins.
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