Marco Ciampa ha scritto:
> On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 12:35:43PM +0100, Marco Ciampa wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 08:40:52AM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> On Thu, 2007-03-15 at 18:43 +0100, Marco Ciampa wrote:
>>>> Many thanks, here there is another:
>>> This string is marked for translation, it's in POTFILES and it even
>>> seems to be translated to italian. What exactly is the screenshot
>>> showing?
>> That even with the assuptions that you list, the dialog window shows some
>> items (not all) untranslated. If it was the same problem of the last msg, it
>> would be fixed by myself; now I'm skilled enough ;-)  
>> TIA
> It seems (to me) that many dialogs are affected to this _partial_
> localization problem, that is: some items appear translated, 
> and some not, mainly in the filter sub-menus.
> Perhaps is only a mine build sandbox problem,
> someone could -please- confirm?

I can confirm there are a lot of untranslated strings in the Image 
window -> Filter -> submenus and in the Image window -> Colors menu 
(plug-ins contributed menu items as well I guess).

There are some more in the Image Window -> Image menu and Image Window 
-> Layers menu as well as two in the Main Window -> Xtns menu.

I have built Gimp from svn last week (shortly after the 2.3.15 release) 
so take these notice with care, things may have changed in the meanwhile.

If you would like a detailed list please ask.


Alessandro Falappa
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