>You would have to show us the code of your plug-in if you want us to
>help you.


http://www.nabble.com/file/7507/gimp_gdal_plugin.c gimp_gdal_plugin.c 

This is a plugin to load image files from the gdal library (Geospatial Data
Abstraction Library). As this library loads some of common file types such
as jpeg, tiff, etc, i thinked to make an alternative dialog to load from;
therefore this is a general plugin, and not a load plugin.

Also, when i opened images, the plugin still continue working, but when i
close one of these images, the menu item gones gray and i can't use any

This other one is a load file plugin:

http://www.nabble.com/file/7508/gimp_lct_plugin.c gimp_lct_plugin.c 

it works fine at first time. To work it needs to be reinstalled, and then it
only works once again. ┬┐why? for me is a mistery.
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