On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 00:20:52 +0200, Guillermo Espertino  

> Although I made the first suggestion of the direct download link in the
> home page alla Mozilla, I can see why it would be problematic.
> Maybe it would be better if the link with OS detection redirects to a
> better organized and minimalistic download page, based on the
> information of the browser and OS.
> Then, in that download page, the user will read the information about
> that specific package, and all the kinds of disclaimers needed.
> If the locale of the browser is also readed by a proper script, that
> page could show the download link of the localized help file, and could
> list the most appropriate mirrors for that location.

I think it's wise not to get too exited about browser sniffing.

First have an entry point with multilanguage choice (flags whatever) then  
ask the user what OS they want to download for.

I find most sites that think they are being super clever jumping the gun  
on what I want to do generally get in the way.

A typical problem is sites like google.com redirecting me to google.es  
just because I happen to be abroad. This is about as helpful as your mate  
switching your mobile phone to Russian while you're not looking.

I may also actually want to grab a windows installer while working on  
linux system, for dual boot or while grabbing some useful software to burn  
for a freind.

The number of platforms supported is not going to scroll down two pages so  
lets not overdo the geeky "I can tell what browser you're using" routine.

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