> I think it's wise not to get too exited about browser sniffing.
> ...
> A typical problem is sites like google.com redirecting me to google.es 
> just because I happen to be abroad.
> This is about as helpful as your > mate 
> switching your mobile phone to Russian while you're not looking.
> ...
> The number of platforms supported is not going to scroll down two 
> pages so lets not overdo the geeky "I can tell what browser you're 
> using" routine.
> /my2c.

Well, that's your experience... I have no problems downloading a windows 
binary from mozilla (for instance) because the browser detection is 
accompanied by clear information about alternate procedures: right below 
the download button suggested by the browser sniffing, there is an 
"other systems and languages" link.
It's not a matter of being "too exited" with an "I can tell you" 
routine: is about how smart you are using that routine, and if it gives 
a plus to your site or not.
If it's used properly, it will give a benefit to the less experienced 
user, if it's used "just because the hype", it will suck.
Let's try to be smart then... :-)
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