On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 04:34 -0700, coolhand wrote:
> When i open an image of my format, I create an multiple-layer image. With
> this image, i work normally. If i open other image of this format, i can
> work normally with both images.
> The problem is that when i open the first image, then close it and then i
> open the second, gimp_drawable_get_image returns me -1. ¿Why this?

We would like to help you but I don't see how we could possibly do that
with the information that you provide. Please, when asking such
questions, try to include the relevant code snippets or take your time
to explain your problem in more detail.


Ok, sorry. I have to read a new format of image. This images have X layers.

1) I create one image:       image = gimp_image_new (50, 50, GIMP_GRAY);
2) I read the layers one by one, and associate with this new image:
          gimp_image_add_layer (image, band[i].layer_id, i);

I open one image and then close it (don't quit gimp, only close the image).
If i open other image with my plugin, if in some place of my code i want to
obtain what image ID have some layer with 
          image_id = gimp_drawable_get_image (gimp_layerID);

gimp says me that this layer don't have image (image_id = -1).

When i open two images, not closing the first, both opened, it works fine.
¿I have mistaken in somewhere? ¿There are to delete all layers before close
the image or gimp makes it?

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