Quoting coolhand <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> The problem is that when i open the first image, then close it and then i
> open the second, gimp_drawable_get_image returns me -1. ┬┐Why this?

> Ok, sorry. I have to read a new format of image. This images have X layers.
> 1) I create one image:       image = gimp_image_new (50, 50, GIMP_GRAY);
> 2) I read the layers one by one, and associate with this new image:
>           gimp_image_add_layer (image, band[i].layer_id, i);
> I open one image and then close it (don't quit gimp, only close the image).
> If i open other image with my plugin, if in some place of my code i want to
> obtain what image ID have some layer with
>           image_id = gimp_drawable_get_image (gimp_layerID);
> gimp says me that this layer don't have image (image_id = -1).

I may be misunderstanding you but it sounds as though you are trying  
take a layer from one image and add it to another image directly. You  
actually have to create a duplicate of the original layer (using  
'gimp-layer-new-from-drawable') and then add the duplicate to your  

Since just transferring a layer from one image to another should  
result in a PDB error, I suspect that I may have completely  
misinterpreted your steps (perhaps you could provide the full code).

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