>I don't understand your call to gimp_layer_new. Its arguments should be:
>gimp_layer_new (GimpImage            *image,
>                 gint                  width,
>                 gint                  height,
>                 GimpImageType         type,
>                 const gchar          *name,
>                 gdouble               opacity,
>                 GimpLayerModeEffects  mode)

really not:

gint32      gimp_layer_new                  (gint32 image_ID,
                                             const gchar *name,
                                             gint width,
                                             gint height,
                                             GimpImageType type,
                                             gdouble opacity,
                                             GimpLayerModeEffects mode);

i use the color's scheme name as layer name.
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