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> Hi,
> On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 18:27 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:
> > I think this is because the entire data is being redrawn regardless the
> > zoom factor
> That is a wrong assumption, only the visible area is being redrawn.
> What's right though is that GIMP works with the image data in the
> original resolution and doesn't cache a scaled down version (except for
> the little thumbnail previews as used for example in the Layers dialog).
> This will change as soon as we switch to GEGL. GEGL already uses a
> system that deals much better with this. Just give it a try.

Not completely true yet. GEGL does use an image pyramid (mipmap) on
top of the baselevel
for the actual display (projection). Support for working on scaled
down proxies is planned and is part of the reason that the API to
develop new plug-in operations is not publicly exported yet. All of
these changes can happen without changing the API for using GEGL
itself though.

Thus what GEGL currently provides is a view that is of much higher
quality (it doesn't do nearest neighbour interpolation when zoomed
out). That also needs to access less memory to redisplay a zoomed out
version of the image.

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