I don't know if this was answered before, but I've been browsing the 
archives and didn't find anything (if there was a discussion about this, 
please point me the thread URL for me to follow it).
I'm using Gimp 2.3.15 under Ubuntu Linux, with the tile memory set in 1 GB.
Even though the overall speed of preview/redrawing was improved a lot in 
the last development versions, I still find that is difficult to work 
with large images, because of the slow redrawing when moving layers, 
switching on/off large layers and panning the canvas when zoom factor is 
under 100%.
In small resolutions, I have an excellent performance, but when I work 
with high res compositions with several layers I find this problem when 
I zoom them out (the brush redrawing also seems to be affected in this 
I think this is because the entire data is being redrawn regardless the 
zoom factor (and this is not critic when the zoom is at 100% because the 
only part that is redrawn is the visible area).
I've read that other programs as Photoshop do this in a different way 
when zoom is >100%: using a low resolution proxy of the actual layer for 
the inmediate rendering, and rendering the final resolution in the 

Is there any solution for this issue being worked or planned?
For me (and other graphic designers) and for photography enthusiasts it 
would be very welcome.

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