On 05/02/2007 01:53:42 PM, Mark Lowry wrote:
> A plug-in that takes three control points on a layer
> and then distorts the layer (by scaling, translating,
> rotating, and stretching) so that those points end up
> on three other identified control points would be very
> useful
> ......
> Having the ability to place
> the control points and then tweak their position by
> dragging them while observing the live feedback would
> be ideal.
> What are everyone's thoughts on this?  Is it worth
> initiating an enhancement request in Bugzilla?

That is something I would use just about every time I use the Gimp. See  
this bug report in which I roughly sketched out how I'd use such a  
thing (i've refined it in my own program a little, but it's basically  
the same). It calls for a three point transform defining an affine  

I personally wouldn't mind seeing some such tool completely replacing  
the separate rotate/scale/shear tools. I started to develop such a  
tool, but I keep getting sidetracked..

Also see this bug report about adding a "free transform" tool:

I've also been (very, very) slowly making a tool to stretch around  
images using some form of bezier patch within the Gimp, which is  
relevant for the following bug report. Too many other projects getting  
in the way!:

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