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> >http://thorwil.wordpress.com/2007/05/18/save-changes-integrated/
> Somehow I do not know what structural problem you are trying to
> solve for one million users.

The current Save Changes dialog tends obscure the image.
If users would be damn sure about closing a window with unsaved 
changes every time, there would be no need for asking back. So 
the user should be able to see _what_ he's about to save or 
discard. The image itself is likely to be much more informative 
than filename and "changes from the last x minutes".

BTW, from my own experience, hitting Save when the prior version 
was actually better and something to be kept is much more of a 
danger than not saving something you wanted to keep.

Now that I write about it, another idea comes to my mind:
The Save Changes window could have a toggle to display the last 
saved version.

The dialog is very closely tied to the image window, but still 
presented  as its own window. Transforming the image window into 
a Save Changes window is as clear as you can get about the

One can get rid of the visual noise of a dialog with titlebar 
and border and avoid obscuring the image in one go. So this 
removes unnecesary elements from screen, something that I think 
is quite helpful if you deal with several image windows.

Thorsten Wilms

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