On Fri, 2007-05-18 at 20:33 +0200, Thorsten Wilms wrote:

> It already shares focus and minimising with the image window.
> It being a semi-separate window is only good for moving it.
> Moving it is only good for getting to see the whole canvas. 
> If it would not cover any part of the canvas, there would be  
> no need to move it. If there's never a need to move it, it 
> shouldn't be a semi-separate window.

Well, you have overlooked the main problem here. If you add user
interface elements to the image window, then these will cover parts of
the canvas and there will be no way to unobscure the covered parts. So
if you think that it may be important that the user has a chance to
check the content of the image window, then a popup dialog is the only
way to go.

Your proposal makes sense for some informational messages though. Things
such as the load plug-in informing you that it had to transform the
image from a different colorspace or that it wasn't able to interpret
some tags in the image file. Such messages could be nicely presented at
the top of the image window and this would probably be less annoying
than using a popup dialog for it. I suggested this a while ago already
but I found that it isn't implementable without changes to the plug-in
message API.


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