Hullo list members,

First time writer here.

I am trying to write a <something> (more on that later) for the Gimp that
allows a 6-DOF device (specifically, a 3dConnexion SpaceTraveler) to
manipulate a selected layer, with the most important functions being the
ability to translate and rotate (rotating into the screen (a la perspective
transform) would be nice too).  Now, I tried to write a C-Plug-in but the
driver for this device (on Linux) requires me to retrieve all events off an
X Window -- fine, so my plugin pops up a dummy X-window to receive events.
My plugin receives the events just fine and can track the state of the
Device, but if I want to preview any operations I make through a gimp_dialog
the X Events get squelched until the dialog closes.  (Not to mention that
whenever I try to use gimp_drawable_transform_rotate_default the plugin
   So, my question is -- am I even approaching this the right way.  Is
there a lower level "plugin" (e.g. a Module or Extension, perhaps) that will
lets me perform these operations?  Has anyone tried to mimic this behavior
before (I haven't seen any examples from my google searches)?  The big
picture is to make montaging a huge image with lots of individually-layered
pictures, interactively, easier.


Eric J. Bowden
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