Thank you for the response Sven,

> > but if I want to preview
> > any operations I make through a gimp_dialog the X Events get squelched
> > until the dialog closes.
> You could do the same thing that the GIMP input controller modules do
> and read the events directly from the Linux Input layer instead of
> receiving them as X events. As long as this is the only application
> using the device, it should work just fine.

  Is there an example of this somewhere?  I've been trying to find a
tutorial of some sort for the linux input API, but all I get are
keyboards and mice -- the closest thing to what I've got would have to
be a joystick.

 Right now I've got the correct behavior, but the refresh rate is
(understandably) awful.  I'm basically calling the
gimp_drawable_transform_2d_default procedure for each each motion
event; the image drawable is changed directly (I decided to do away
with the dialog box).  I know that the tools>transform tools>* show
outlines while performing the requested operations -- is there a way
to tap into this infrastructure to improve my performance any?  (Or
any other performance tips/tricks would be helpful ...)

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