> You can't access tools from a plug-in. You would have to write a tool
> and add it to the core.

Hrm.  That's unfortunate.  I don't see a way of doing this without
unnecessarily duplicating a lot of work -- as creating a new core
module is pretty much out of the question seeing how mind-boggling-ly
monolithic the Gimp's toolbox code organization is at the moment.
(Read: unknown time requirements + minimal documentation =

> >   Is there an example of this somewhere?
> I already pointed you to it. The Linux Input controller module does it
> this way. This code lives in the modules directory.

Yes, I saw that -- but I don't understand quite what I can do with it;
there're no comments =).  Are you saying I would have to make
something similar using the controller_linux_input as a "template"?
Or am I supposed to register something with the input module to make
it aware of the spaceball?

Thanks for your help Sven,
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