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> > For GIMP 2.6, we will need high-quality and optimised scaling algorithms
> > implemented as GEGL operators. Perhaps it would be a good idea to write
> > such operators now so that we can start to use them when we port the
> > core to GEGL.
> >
> Doubtful. I can find a bit of time to tweek in the existing code but 2.6  
> seems a very long way off just now and I really dont have the time to get  
> deeply into geggling.

We are about to release GIMP 2.4 and as soon as that has happened we
will start to port things to GEGL. So working on GEGL now is the best
thing you can do. Patches for the GIMP scaling routines are most likely
not going to be accepted before 2.4. And after 2.4 we are going to throw
out this code anyway.


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