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> Hi,
> On Sun, 2007-06-10 at 14:42 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> > For GIMP 2.6, we will need high-quality and optimised scaling  
>> algorithms
>> > implemented as GEGL operators. Perhaps it would be a good idea to  
>> write
>> > such operators now so that we can start to use them when we port the
>> > core to GEGL.
>> >
>> Doubtful. I can find a bit of time to tweek in the existing code but 2.6
>> seems a very long way off just now and I really dont have the time to  
>> get
>> deeply into geggling.
> We are about to release GIMP 2.4 and as soon as that has happened we
> will start to port things to GEGL. So working on GEGL now is the best
> thing you can do. Patches for the GIMP scaling routines are most likely
> not going to be accepted before 2.4. And after 2.4 we are going to throw
> out this code anyway.
> Sven

OK, thanks for saving me wasting my time. ;)

This discussion about decimation<>interpolation needs to be picked up  
again once 2.4 is out.

I'll still see if I can finalise the lanczos code for downscaling since  
that routine will need importing into GEGL and it should at least be  
theoretically valid.


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