just doing a fresh config of mouse scroll and I note a few changes that  
are worth a comment.

1/ I set up mouse scroll to zoom in and out and exited. I get the  
following helpful msg:

You will have to restart GIMP for the following changes to take effect:


The problem is I did not change either of those settings. So is this a  
false alert since nothing was changed or has gimp changed this itself and  
is rightly warning me about a change that should not be happening? I  
suspect it's the former.

2/ This is long standing not new. It is very unobvious how to adjust these  
settings on the interface, it gets me every time. I knew I was in the  
right place and that I could do it but the "notepad" icon does not  
communicate the idea of a configuration action , it suggests text editor.  
Finally by floating the mouse around I get the tool tip which is clear and  

The classic metaphor for config settings is some sort of spanner or  
screwdriver icon. This would be a lot clearer. I'm sure there's one  
already in gimp that could be used. The caption should probably be  
"configure" as is contained in the tool tip and the title of the dlg that  

3/ Same comment for the "Configure Input Control" dialogue. A spanner type  
icon with a caption of "modifiy" rather then "edit".

Small points that dont take much effort to change and ease the path for  
the user. Since there is a major effort on UI improvement with Peter's  
work this seems like a good time to bring these points up.

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