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> 1/ I set up mouse scroll to zoom in and out and exited. I get the  
> following helpful msg:
> You will have to restart GIMP for the following changes to take effect:
> temp-path
> swap-path

That's a bug in the preferences dialog that still needs to be tracked
down and fixed. Not quite sure what is causing it. I suspect that
something is broken about the file-chooser buttons that are used to
configure these settings.

> 2/ This is long standing not new. It is very unobvious how to adjust these  
> settings on the interface, it gets me every time. I knew I was in the  
> right place and that I could do it but the "notepad" icon does not  
> communicate the idea of a configuration action , it suggests text editor.  
> Finally by floating the mouse around I get the tool tip which is clear and  
> helpful.
> The classic metaphor for config settings is some sort of spanner or  
> screwdriver icon. This would be a lot clearer. I'm sure there's one  
> already in gimp that could be used. The caption should probably be  
> "configure" as is contained in the tool tip and the title of the dlg that  
> follows.

The thing is that the Edit button used here is common all over the GIMP
user interface. Editing an input controller is like editing a brush and
the same widget is being used here.

But yes, it would be easy to change this icon. If we had a better icon
for it. We could use GTK_STOCK_PREFERENCES but somehow it feels that
"Preferences" is even more of an abuse than "Edit".

No one is really proud of the user interface for Input configuration,
that's why it is still undergoing changes. However it's a lot better
than it used to be. And not long ago you had to edit a config file


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