Glimmer Labs wrote:
> Attempting to map a Scheme function in Script-Fu/Tiny-Fu to an entire
> image using the PDB functions gimp-drawable-get-pixel and
> gimp-drawable-set-pixel is painfully slow, so we've been trying to
> build a mk_foreign_func'ed function to attach to tinyscheme that
> updates images in a tile-aware way.

While using the foreign function interface of TinyScheme might work, for what 
you are trying to do it is not the best approach. You should really look at 
implementing it as a TinyScheme extension. Take a look at the re and tsx 
extensions for TinyScheme to see how extensions work.

Extensions can be loaded at run-time (although this feature is currently 
disabled). By putting your pixel operations you will make it possible for 
other users to make use of your routines without the need to compile a 
modified version of the Scheme interpreter.

I plan on enabling the loading of extensions at run-time at some point. The 
main reason it hasn't been turned on yet is that I do not know whether the 
code that loads extensions is portable to other operating systems.


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