Thanks for the reply, Kevin.

> While using the foreign function interface of TinyScheme might work, for what
> you are trying to do it is not the best approach. You should really look at
> implementing it as a TinyScheme extension. Take a look at the re and tsx
> extensions for TinyScheme to see how extensions work.

Thanks for mentioning this; we hadn't looked at it previously.  Making
an extension is definitely what we'd like to do once our code is in a
state worth sharing.  However, even if we were to build this in an
extension, from looking at re and ftx, it seems like we'd still need
mk_foreign_func'ed functions, at least one of which would still need
to use scheme_call.  Do you know of another way to assign arguments to
and evaluate a closure passed to a foreign function from tinyscheme?

Do you know if Jonathan Shapiro/Dimitrios Souflis are still actively
maintaining tinyscheme?

> I plan on enabling the loading of extensions at run-time at some point. The
> main reason it hasn't been turned on yet is that I do not know whether the
> code that loads extensions is portable to other operating systems.

Looking forward to it!

Ted Cooper and Emily Jacobson
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